CoolSculpting for a Smoother Silhouette



Are you tired of spending endless hours in the gym or avoiding foods that you love only to still struggle with unwanted fat? You’re not alone. Stubborn fat deposits, including love handles and “muffin tops” are one of the most common cosmetic concerns of Revivology patients.

While diet and exercise are extremely important and cannot be replaced by cosmetic treatment – there are some fat deposits that simply do not respond to these methods. Or perhaps you have been successful in losing quite a few pounds but are now disappointment with the tightness of your skin. No matter which use applies to you, CoolSculpting may be able to help.

CoolSculpting has been cleared by the FDA for the permanent elimination of fat cells. CoolSculpting is most effective at eliminating lower belly fat, love handles and other stubborn pockets of fat all without surgery.

CoolSculpting in Utah | Revivology in South Jordan, UT

CoolSculpting works to eliminate fat cells just below the surface of your skin through a unique cooling process. When these cells are cooled to just above freezing they “die” and are naturally expelled from your body. CoolSculpting offers permanent removal of these fat cells. CoolSculpting will not harm the surrounding tissues, meaning that there is very little risk for adverse effects from CoolSculpting treatment.

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*This content has been medically reviewed and approved by Christopher P. Kelly MD.