Could cold be the answer to stubborn problem areas?



If you’ve worked hard to achieve or maintain a healthy body, but still have bothersome areas, cold, as in frigid temperature, could make the finishing touches in sculpting your figure.

And…you can CoolSculpt on your lunch break. “It’s totally non-invasive. You can go right back to working out or whatever your regular activities are right after,” said CoolSculpting patient Sheri Brown.The idea behind CoolSclupting came thanks to some Harvard educated brainiacs, who observed a group of children who routinely ate ice-pops and noticed how the group’s cheeks were dimpled as a result of cold temperature exposure.After that ‘a-ha’ moment, the CoolSculpting technology wheels began to turn.

Now this fully developed, tested and FDA approved technology has safely been performed millions of times at clinics around the globe, including right here in South Jordan, Utah.

“We do a lot of these treatments. It’s perfect to debulk and thin out problem areas for our clients,” said Brown who is also a Revivology Esthetician who performs Coolsculpt treatments.

The procedure gives precision cool energy targeted at fat cells under layers of skin. The fat cells freeze and crystalize. Over the next few weeks and months, the body naturally processes and eliminates the treated cells.

“You start to see results in as little as 4 weeks. You’ll continue to loose fat for around 12 weeks,” Brown said.

It’s a dramatic improvement to the old-school very invasive lipo-suction procedures which open the possibility for a host of complications.

Critics say diet and exercise is always the best treatment, and they’re right. This technology is not aimed at helping people lose weight. During the weight loss process, fat cells are shrunk, but still remain intact.

Through CoolSculting, the cells are totally eliminated and disappear, for good. If a person gains weight after, they’ll gain mass all over the body except in the treated areas.

“You’ll see about a 25 percent reduction of fat in treated areas. Most people need two treatments to see the WOW factor and get that sculpted look,” Brown said.

It’s pretty normal to feel pressure, deep pulling, temporary numbness or some pinching during the one-hour procedure. However, it’s so non-invasive that many people watch movies or check-in with social media while the procedure is happening.

After the treatment the area will feel numb for up to two weeks. It’s also common to have some redness, bruising or swelling for a few days.

If you’ve reached your weight goals, but still have noticeable bulges that bother you, you’re probably a good candidate for CoolScupting. Schedule a chat with the CoolSculpting experts, like our doctor, at Revivology to see if this technology is the right fix for you.