Eliminate Your Spider Veins Just In Time for Summer



As the weather warms and we say goodbye to winter there is no better time to get your legs into shape. In addition to maintaining a healthy diet and exercising regularly – take a close look at the surface of your legs. Do you see thin, broken blood vessels just below the skin’s surface? These broken veins often appear reddish, blue or purple in color.

Known as spider veins, these veins are extremely common in both male and female patients. They often appear around the knees, ankles and other areas of the body prone to pressure from standing or working out. The good news is that these spider veins are not medically concerning. If you are bothered by the appearance of spider veins they can also be easily removed.

By removing your spider veins as well as facial veins or vascular birthmarks, your skin will look younger, smoother and clearer. Vein removal is safe and quick. Laser vein treatment works by causing the unwanted vein to break up and dissolve. Improvement will often be seen within 3-5 treatments.

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