4 Things to Consider When Scheduling Cosmetic Services



Regardless of your age or level of health – there are certain precautions that any client should take prior to undergoing cosmetic treatment.  There are many aesthetic providers in the market today, many with very little training or offering lackluster results for high prices.  In order to receive the most benefit from your treatment it is important to do a little research and ask lots of questions beforehand.

1. Be realistic.

Before deciding to pay for a cosmetic treatment, like a Facelift or a Breast Augmentation, it is important to understand what your personal limitations may be in regards to you health and appearance. If you need help determining the most appropriate plan for your skin or appearance, contact our staff. We’re happy to assist you.

2. Choose a trained physician or aesthetician.

Education, experience and trust are some of the most important factors for patients that seek aesthetic services.  Be sure to ask your provider what type of training they have received and how often they perform the treatment you seek. Meet Our doctors, Revivology’s cosmetic surgeon in Utah.

3. Know your options.

One treatment may not fit all when it comes to aesthetic services. Be sure to ask your provider if there are any alternatives to the treatment you are interested in, some may be more appropriate for accomplishing your cosmetic goals.

4. Stay healthy.

Aesthetic services are most effective for healthy, non-smoking patients. Kick the habit and hit the gym for optimal results.