Filler Treatments in South Jordan, UT

Are the folds, wrinkles, and dullness frustrating you? How does your skin feel when you touch it?

Nothing bothers me more than a dull, wrinkled, and rough face. However, there are several causes for such effects on the face, like old age, weight loss, and exposure to harsh environmental factors.

But there’s a remedy!

Restylane filler treatments help improve your skin to look and feel as young and natural as you desire. Rest assured of great results from the clear gel after injecting it on your face. Better still, it’s a safe product, FDA-approved.

Keep reading to learn more about Restylane.

What is Restylane Filler?

Restylane is a renowned and FDA-approved dermal filler made with hyaluronic acid.

It’s a clear gel that adds volume to the skin after being injected. Better still, hyaluronic acid improves the production of hyaluronic in the body.

Most experts inject Restylane with other fillers if the client needs to treat specific wrinkles. This combination gives a younger appearance by targeting specific mild to severe wrinkles on the skin’s top layer. Such wrinkles include;

Folds and lines that appear from the nose to the mouth when you smile

Lines running from the mouth to the chin

Lines at the corners of your mouth that occur when you laugh or smile

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How does Restylane Work?

Restylane works on areas that lack collagen or other skin tissues. Injecting a good amount of Restylane into your skin’s target area makes the skin smooth and lifted. Also, your face appears plumper and brighter.

Usually, the hyaluronic acid in Restylane sticks to your skin while the water adds volume. Keep in mind that the acid also attracts more water to preserve the recent water from the acid.


Who should get Restylane?

Men and women who want to get rid of wrinkles and lines can get Restylane. While it’s a safe treatment, it would be best for candidates to be in excellent health.

Therefore, candidates must disclose their medical history to the experts at Modern MedSpa during the first consultation. This way, it becomes easy to express any concerns and desired results.

Nonetheless, qualified Restylane candidates should have realistic expectations after understanding how Restylane treatments work.

What should you expect after restylane treatment?

One sure thing is the effectiveness of Restylane fillers. According to many patients, they start seeing results instantly. A higher number also talked of notable visible improvements, like 14 days after getting the Restylane injection.

Still, more patients talked of significant improvements in their faces two months after getting the injection. However, Restylane results are not permanent but long-lasting. In most people, the filler effects can last up to 6 months without going for more treatments.


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Does Restylane Have Risks Or Side Effects?

Any procedure on the body comes with risks and side effects. Restylane treatment is not an exception to this case. The common risks include;

Bruising or bleeding from the injected area

Infection from poor handling of the injected area

Allergic reaction

Filling causes irregularities like firmness in the skin

Side effects from Restylane include:





However, the side effects likely resolve alone after like 18 days. But, it depends on the area of treatment.

As advised, healthy candidates without any medical complications should be on Restylane. Most importantly, people on blood-thinning medications should strictly avoid Restylane and other derma fillers alike.

How much is Restylane Treatment?

Because Restylane treatments are different, the cost depends on the specific injection you want. Still, the number of injections needed determines the price to pay.

Generally, Restylane costs around $275- $700 per syringe. Most hospitals don’t cover the payment in the health insurance as it falls in the cosmetic enhancement. However, some clinics have payment plans that include partial or installment payments.

Why choose Restylane Filler Treatments in South Jordan, UT?

Modern MedSpa Medical Spa in Utah is a qualified and preferred provider of all types of Restylane treatments. It consists of experts who administer the Restylane injections.

The medical team ensures the customer gets complete satisfaction and excellent results that improve overall beauty and health.

Still, professionals at Modern MedSpa give the most advanced medical aesthetics treatment options. They try to stay significant in the growing and changing field.

Visit Modern MedSpa and learn the secrets that prevent and stop aging using safe Restylane treatments.

Dermal fillers are the best remedy for fighting signs of aging like lines, wrinkles, and folds, particularly in the lower and midface facial areas.

Restylane, a popular dermal filler, is the most desired by patients because it’s safe and effective. After a short time, results are notable, giving you a smooth and lifted face. Get your desired Restylane filler now!