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Do you have a tattoo you regret inking on to your body? With painless tattoo removal, nothing has to last forever.

When you first got your tattoo, it seemed like a great idea. You were passionate and excited to get something permanently etched into your skin. But as the years passed, things changed. The ink may have faded, you may have declared your undying love for someone who ended up not being as perfect for you as you thought. 

You might have heard that getting a tattoo removed hurts more than getting the original tattoo, or that the process is bad for your skin, but It doesn’t have to be that way! At Modern MedSpa, we do everything we can to help you feel comfortable physically and mentally while getting rid of the tattoos that are making you feel bad about yourself.

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The Real Stigma of Tattoos

While it’s becoming more culturally acceptable to have tattoos, there are still several stigmas that can negatively affect you. Getting stuck with a tattoo you don’t want to keep can hold you back from getting the job you want, connecting with people on the street, and might even cause an argument in your relationships.


Impacts Your Job Prospects

Potential employers want to know that you’ll be professional if they hire you. Many of them see tattoos as a sign of unprofessionalism and a lack of ability to listen to instruction. Most interviewers who feel this way aren’t interested in challenging their assumptions. They will simply cross you off the list of potential candidates, even if you are the most qualified person for the job.

Frightens People Who See you in public

Depending on where your tattoo is on your body, it can scare people you encounter in several settings. If it’s easily visible, they might jump to conclusions about gang involvement or about other areas of your life.

Causes Contention in relationships

Some people feel strongly opposed to tattoos. They don’t understand why someone would want to permanently mark their body with something they might not like later. If you made the mistake of getting an ex’s name tattooed on your body, your new partner might not be so understanding about seeing that etched on to your skin whenever they try to get close to you.

You Don’t have to put up with the Stigma attached to having Tattoos.

 If you no longer find joy in one or more of your tattoos, Modern MedSpa can help you shed that part of your past and grow into being a better you.


Offering Painless Tattoo Removal

Modern MedSpa has created a painless tattoo removal process that will help you shed the stigmas associated with tattoos and get back to feeling good in your own skin again.

Shed ugly tattoos

Not all tattoo artists are created equal. While most mean well, good intentions don’t always make for good tattoos. And even great tattoos can fade and become warped over time.

Let go of the past

Some tattoos work for a time and a season. But once you grow out of that time of your life, symbols that were meaningful to you may not hold as much value as you age.

Clear your skin without suffering in the process

Removing blemishes and old artwork from your skin doesn’t have to be painful. Our tattoo removal process was created with your comfort in mind.

How does Tattoo Removal Work?

Modern MedSpa adopted a specific process to preserve the integrity of the skin. Our technicians use PicoWay to deliver targeted short bursts on only the affected areas. This means less heat is transferred to your skin than you would get with more typical tattoo removal lasers. Your overall pain will be significantly less, and your skin won’t suffer to clear out the ink.

The PicoWay technology delivers highly concentrated and powerful energy bursts to shatter ink particles. Traditional tattoo removal procedures target ink clusters, which are difficult to break up completely. By targeting the ink on a smaller scale, your body can naturally clear out the ink fragments and the tattoo will come away faster.

Because our technology is so targeted, you’ll typically have a speedier recovery time and fewer side effects. Some people still experience irritation, but this typically clears up within the first few days after treatment.

You’re unlikely to develop scars after having the ink removed due to the targeted nature of the technology. If you experience any side effects, they will likely be minimal like bruising, blisters, itching, and mild skin discoloration. However, most of these symptoms will disappear within the first week following treatment.

Common Tattoo Removal Concerns

How much does painless tattoo removal cost?

Your exact cost will vary depending on the color of ink in the tattoo, as well as the area and size. You can expect to pay more than what it cost you to get the tattoo originally.

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I have darker skin. How do I know this will work?

PicoWay is safe for many shades of skin and is effective for all colors of ink.

I can get tattoo removal services anywhere in Utah. Why should I come to Modern MedSpa?

Tattoo removal Utah locations remain plentiful. So why come to Modern MedSpa when you have plenty of other options?

We’re committed to making you as comfortable as possible. While we work to remove your tattoo, your happiness is our priority. If you have other concerns or areas that are causing you discomfort, we can work to tailor your treatment plan to alleviate your discomfort and get you to living your best life.

Our services are highly personalized. If you’re worried about your skin health, you can bring that up to your treatment team and they’ll work to find products or other services that will meet your needs as soon as possible. No two people are alike, so why should their treatment be?

Why do I have to do multiple sessions?

Several treatment sessions are required because ink is at different layers of the skin depending on the tattoo and the colors used. Size and location of your tattoo will also determine the length of your treatment time.

Your provider will go through how many sessions it will take to remove the tattoo in question. There’s no guarantee that a tattoo can be removed before a specific event, as everyone’s body works differently.

I want to keep some of my tattoo. Will I have to get the whole thing removed?

Not at all! Because of the highly targeted nature of our technology, your tattoo removal team will be able to remove whatever part of your tattoo you no longer want.

Does getting a tattoo removed hurt?

You will likely experience some amount of pain in getting your tattoo removed. However, it shouldn’t hurt more than when you got the tattoo in the first place. Most people describe it as a rubber band snapping against their skin. We offer numbing agents to help improve your comfort level during the entire procedure.

When you book a completely free tattoo removal consultation, your treatment team at Modern MedSpa will go over the entire process with you, come up with a payment plan, and figure out how many sessions you’ll need to remove the tattoo in question.

How is Modern MedSpa offering painless tattoo removal?

We have a plastic surgeon on site to numb the area being treated.  You will be completely comfortable and pain free during your entire treatment!

Why does it take multiple laser hair removal treatments to remove unwanted hair?

Your hair grows in cycles. It only contains enough pigment to absorb sufficient energy from the laser hair removal procedure to destroy the hair follicle when it is actively growing. Some hair follicles may be dormant during your first procedure and won’t respond well the first time. As these hair follicles become active through natural hair growing cycles, you’ll start to grow hair. By performing multiple laser hair removal treatments, we ensure that we target all the hair follicles in the specified area during every cycle of the hair growing process.

What’s so different about the picosecond technology compared to the old Q-switch technology?

Unlike traditional lasers, PicoWay delivers energy to the targeted ink in ultra-short pulses that are so fast, they’re measured in picoseconds–that’s ONE TRILLIONTH of a second!

Benefits of Picosecond Ground Breaking Technology

Require fewer treatments

Does not injure surrounding skin

Can be used on previously treated tattoos for quicker results

Requires much less recovery than old Q-switch technology

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