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How does cosmetic surgery work?

What do I need to consider beforehand?

What are the risks?

What should I ask my doctor?

Considering cosmetic surgery can be confusing at times, but we can clear the air for you with our hands-on experience and expert information. This post will cover some basics on cosmetic surgery, and discuss what you should look for before you embark on your cosmetic surgery journey.



People often use the terms cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery interchangeably, but the two terms are different and have distinct goals.


Plastic surgery is the reconstruction of the face and body due to medical conditions. This surgery is reconstructive in nature and attempts to correct dysfunctional areas of the body related to trauma or illness.


On the other hand, cosmetic surgery is a separate discipline within medicine that focuses on enhancing a patient’s appearance. Cosmetic surgery improves aesthetic appeal, symmetry, and proportion to the patient’s liking. This includes procedures that enhance the breasts, contour and rejuvenate the face, contour the body, or improve the skin.


All of this is part of an effort to improve your self confidence. So with cosmetic surgery, the procedures you would like completed are up to you. It’s a good idea to discuss the results you would like to have with your doctor so he or she can recommend the best path to get there.



Now that you understand cosmetic surgery, there are some key factors that you should think about before you begin your journey to finding a doctor. The Mayo Clinic suggests that patients should consider the following areas before cosmetic surgery:


Your own expectations. Think about what you want from cosmetic surgery and what is possible. Anticipate improvement of your appearance, not perfection. Consulting a medical professional will help you understand what is possible from your cosmetic surgery experience!

The expense of the procedure. One of the most common questions from patients is, “Does insurance cover cosmetic surgery?” Sadly, since cosmetic surgery is for self-improvement, many procedures are not covered by insurance. Consider what care you will need before and after the procedure. Our office is here to help, and we offer payment plans to make care accessible to all.

The risks. While risks are often minimal, it is a good idea to talk in detail to your medical provider about the risks associated with any procedure. Being informed is key before you begin any procedure.

Your recovery. After your procedure, you will need time to recover. Recovery times can vary by procedure, so be sure to discuss recovery with your doctor and be able to schedule it into your life.

Most Importantly, Consider Your Doctor


The most important consideration, however, should be your doctor. Finding a qualified cosmetic surgeon in Utah is critical to ensuring your cosmetic surgery experience is everything you want it to be. Be sure that you’re comfortable not only with your doctor, but with the staff and atmosphere as well.


Cosmetic surgery shouldn’t feel overwhelming. Rather, it should help you improve yourself! That is why it is important to talk to your doctor during your consultation to understand the procedure beforehand.



At Modern MedSpa, we are a team of full-service professionals who are here to help make your cosmetic surgery experience a great one. Our surgeons have performed more than 10,000 cosmetic surgeries and 1,500 facelifts — meaning he has the experience to ensure you see the results you want.


Modern MedSpa’s approach is simple: at your consultation, our staff will talk at length about what you want out of cosmetic surgery and how to get there. We then will discuss in detail what associated risks there may be and what your recovery time will look like.



Our highly-experienced staff have spent years perfecting their art. Which means you always get the absolute best results imaginable.


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