Whether excess eyelid skin is impairing your vision or just a visible sign of aging, an eyelid lift can give you a more refreshed, rested, and youthful look. Our procedure not only removes the excess skin from the central portion of the eyelid, but also focuses on the outer edges of the eye. Various techniques are also available to tighten and smooth drooping lower eyelid skin

caused by aging and gravity.




Eyelid surgery may be implemented for both form (beauty) and function (vision). The most common reason to seek out an eyelid lift is because of excess upper skin and tissue on the upper lids and excess skin and bulging on the lower lids.


Upper eyelids tend to start drooping much earlier in life than most of us expect. The excess skin, muscle and other tissues continue to suffer the effects of gravity and natural aging leading to wrinkled skin, heavy lids, loses of upper lid contour and even vision can be affected. Our treatment restores your smooth upper lids and makes your eye-shadow visible again! It not only removes the excess skin but also contours by removing any excess tissue. Most surgeons describe removing a “crescent” of skin with or without the removal of muscle or fat to correct this condition. Our doctors uses his unique proven method to eliminate the excess skin, not only on the central portion of the eyelid, but also the edges on both sides. Unfortunately, there is a tendency to leave excess skin behind, especially by the crows’ feet area. Our doctors gives special attention to this area as well as the bulging that can occur near the inside corner of the eye. Removing this bulging gives you a more refined and elegant youthful appearance. Our doctors also closes the incision line using a special ultra-fine suture in a unique way that gives you the finest and smoothest closure possible.


Lower eyelids are also affected by aging and gravity. They are at risk of having “bags” form due to the weakening of a vital structure in your eyelid called the septum, and from lost tone of the eyelid muscles. Usually the septum acts as a retaining wall, holding back the natural occurring and protective fat pads surrounding your eyeball. Our doctors prefers to address these issues using a scarless method if possible. Various techniques are then used to tighten the lower eyelid skin. If necessary, a lower lid incision may be used, the skin removed and the muscle tightened.