Laser Hair Removal Just in Time for Summer



As the weather begins to warm and the shorts are coming out it is important to think about the look and feel of your legs. Free yourself from unwanted body hair with the laser hair removal. Several sessions may be needed to achieve optimal, permanent results – so begin today to be beach ready by summer.

Hair can be effectively removed from almost any area of the body, with the most commonly treated area being the bikini line, the underarms, legs, back and chest. Laser hair removal is most effective on darker hair and can be utilized by both men and women.

Most patients report that treatment with laser hair removal is relatively painless, many describing treatment like being mildly snapped with a small rubber band. Treated hair will begin to fall out 2-3 weeks following your procedure. Because hair grows in cycles, a series of treatments is recommended to ensure all active follicles have been disabled.

Contact us today to get your body beach-ready and hair free!