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Utah’s Best Facials

Receive a relaxing customized facial and get the best skin of your life at Modern Med Spa in South Jordan, Utah.  We offer our Signature, Back, Ultimate, Hydrafacials, and Diamond Glow facials. Our more corrective facials include our PicoWay Resolve Skin Rejuvenation and our injectable hyaluronic acid, Skinvive. We also are able to target specific needs such as such as anti-aging, acne, pigment balancing, cleansing of your pores, rosacea, scalp, lip and eye treatment. Call us today!

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Signature Facial $85 (60 min)

Our Signature Facial begins with deep cleansing, exfoliation, and extractions if needed. This is followed by a hydrating mask and arm and hand massage. It is completed with a moisturizer best suited for your skin.  Our Signature Facial, features products that will revive your natural beauty with an all-natural approach. This relaxing facial effectively addresses premature aging, wrinkling, sun damage, and acne, while improving vitality, tone, and radiance.

Ultimate Facial $140 (80 min)

This luxurious facial includes a custom double cleanse, dermaplane to remove dead skin cells and vellus hair, 2 masks carefully chosen based on your needs, hand and arm massage, leg and foot massage, and finishing products to leave your skin feeling refreshed, healthy, and glowy. This 80 minute facial  further addresses specific skin concerns and comes with individualized product recommendations.

Back Facial $120-$150 (30 min)

A back facial is a popular treatment for both men and women who struggle with congestion and acne on their backs. This includes a clarifying double cleanse, extractions, and can be combined with a chemical peel to address your concerns. Perfect for back acne struggles, or just showing your back some love!

Hydrafacial $275-$350 (50-80 min)

One of Modern Med Spas most popular and loved services. Hydrafacials use Vortex Fusion technology to gently but effectively deep clean and refresh your skin. Each Hydrafacial service comes with the signature 3 step process. Cleanse, extract, and hydrate. Your skin will be cleansed and then exfoliated with a light-no down time chemical peel to further enhance your glow. Following the peel, painless gentle extractions will remove the impurities from your pores. Now feeling fresh and clean, an antioxidant serum containing hyaluronic acid and peptides is infused into the skin.

Deluxe $275

 The Hydrafacial 3 step process + a customized booster 10x more potent than an at home serum, and LED light therapy to boost collagen production and rid of any acne causing bacteria. Perfect for a quick lunch break facial that leaves you with instant results you can see for days or even weeks.

Platinum $350

The Hydrafacial 3 step process + dermaplaning, lymphatic drainage, customized booster, LED light therapy, and a jelly mask. This 80 minute facial is relaxing, rejuvenating, and immediately confidence boosting. 

Lip and Eye Perk $35 each

Quick add-on to Hydrafacial treatment or if you just need a quick boost of hydration for your lips and eyes! A serum specific to each area is used to gently exfoliate and infuse hydration giving life back into those hard to treat areas. Comes with a mini take home Lip Perk serum or Eye Perk serum that lasts up to 30 days.

Diamond Glow $250 (60 min)

Next-level, noninvasive, resurfacing treatment that uses a patented diamond tip to deeply cleanse and rejuvenate the skin. Removes dirt, dust, and oil while infusing Skin Medica serums into the skin. With customizable tips, this treatment can address gentle or more intense exfoliation needs. Deep cleanses, stimulates blood flow, and addresses signs of aging in just an hour.

Modern Glow Facial $175 (75 min)

Bringing dull dehydrated skin back to life. This facial includes dermaplaning to remove peach fuzz and dead skin cells, and then immediately goes into our hydrodermabrasion machine, Diamond Glow. After a pass of infusing serums into the skin, and removing impurities, a light chemical peel will be applied to the skin. This enhances the exfoliation and deeply targets concerns. The peel will be neutralized, and LED light therapy will be performed while you receive a hand and arm massage. Finishing products will nourish, hydrate, and protect your skin for the rest of the day, and you’ll leave feeling brand new.

Pico Facial $275

Using our Candela PicoWay laser, we can target your skin concerns in a time efficient, painless, no downtime way. This laser uses short, picosecond pulses to create tiny wounds underneath the surface of the skin to stimulate collagen and elastin. As collagen and elastin are being reproduced, your skin will noticeably have less fine lines and wrinkles. Pico Resolve also addresses concerns such as sun spots, age spots, or melasma. Pairs well with a light chemical peel to enhance results. This minimally invasive treatment will leave your skin feeling young again and it’s the perfect facial if you are looking for a results driven, no discomfort procedure.

Skinvive $650+

The very first injectable Hyaluronic Acid. Uses HA microdroplets to increase the skins smoothness and hydration in the cheeks. Giving your skin a glow from within for up to 6 months. Recommended dosage is 2 syringes, one for each cheek.


DERMAPLANING $40 add on, $50 standalone

During our dermaplane service, we use a sterile single use blade to physically exfoliate by removing the top layer of dead skin and peach fuzz. This leaves your skin feeling supple, lets your homecare products penetrate deeper, and makeup goes on smoother. Recommended to add on before chemical peels and Hydrafacials to enhance results.


LED uses various wavelengths of light such as red and blue light to address specific skin concerns. LED can target pigment, redness, inflammation, acne causing bacteria, accelerate healing, and stimulate collagen production. Amazing for post extractions, microneedling, or laser facials.


 Instantly soothing, hydrating, and cooling mask with a jelly-like texture.  Your esthetician will use a mask specifically for you and your needs. While your mask sits, your treatment will be enhanced with a gentle scalp or hand massage.

Facial FAQ

What’s it like after a facial?

You’ll leave your appointment feeling relaxed and hydrated. Your skin will glow and look more healthy. If your appointment is earlier in the day, an SPF is applied to ensure protected skin. If you have an afternoon or evening appointment, you will leave ready for your night and you won’t have to worry about cleansing before bed.

How often should i get facials?

Facials are recommended every 4-6 weeks as that is approximately the time our skin cells turnover.

What does a facial treatment do?

Facials are a treatment that removes skin impurities, exfoliates skin, and removes dead skin. Facials generally take the form of steaming, deep cleansing, exfoliation,  extraction, masks, and finishing product.

Can I wear makeup to my appointment?

Absolutely! Part of the treatment is cleansing the skin completely. We will remove makeup, dirt, oil, and/or any debris on your skin.

Should I avoid makeup after my appointment?

You may apply foundation makeup if you have an event after your facial, or if you just feel better wearing it. Just make sure you remove your makeup before bed!