MiraDry vs Botox: How to Get Rid of Underarm Sweat




MiraDry vs Botox - Which is best to help with underarm sweat

For those of us living with excessive underarm sweat, there are relatively few treatment options, but there are some very good ones. Let’s compare two of the most popular options available: MiraDry and Botox.

What is MiraDry

MiraDry uses patented Thermal Energy technology to heat and destroy overactive sweat glands and hair follicles while keeping the patient cool and comfortable. This is a new technology that was approved by the FDA in 2015 and has been safe and effective in tens of thousands of procedures. MiraDry is intended only for use on the underarms and has been shown to give permanent results, usually after just one session. The procedure lasts about an hour, and results are instant. Most people experience minimal pain and side effects from MiraDry, and complete recovery usually takes just a few days. An added bonus is a notable minimization in underarm odor due to the reduction in sweat glands and sweating. Modern Med Spa is a Certified Plantinum miraDry practice, which means our estheticians are trained to deliver the highest energy from the machine, thus giving optimal results with each visit. We are one of only 2 practices in all of Utah.

What is Botox

Botox works by disabling overactive nerves that signal glands to produce more sweat than normal. This is done by injecting Botox at problem sites. The procedure is very quick, and the effect is localized to the area being treated. Recovery time and discomfort are minimal. The effects of Botox take up to two weeks to reach full effect, and they are temporary, so patients must receive regular injections to attain sustained results. Dryness from Botox injections typically lasts up to six months. Most people tolerate Botox very well, and the risk of serious side effects is low. Botox has been used safely and effectively to treat excessive sweating of the underarms and palms for well over a decade, and it continues to be a popular choice.

Botox vs. MiraDry Cost Comparison

Comparing the cost of Botox vs MiraDry is a bit like apples and oranges, but the biggest difference between the two procedures is simple enough – MiraDry is permanent, while Botox is not. What this means is that, as opposed to Botox, MiraDry is a one-time expense. MiraDry is a significantly bigger investment, but the permanent effects make it well worth the cost for many, including the bonus effect of underarm hair loss. Botox is about one-third of the cost of MiraDry, but most patients require multiple procedures per year. Over the long term, this makes MiraDry a much better choice in terms of cost.


Both treatments are highly effective for a vast majority of patients. Again, the major difference is the duration of the effects, with MiraDry being permanent and Botox being temporary.

Pain and side effects

Both procedures involve minimal discomfort and extremely quick recovery times – most patients only need time off for the procedures themselves. MiraDry uses a local anesthetic for numbing before the procedure, and for many patients, that’s the height of any discomfort. Complete recovery usually takes just a few days, and most patients experience no downtime. The most common side effects are numbness, soreness, and swelling, which in rare cases can last for up to five weeks.

The most commonly reported side effects of Botox are injection-site pain and bleeding, no underarm sweating, infection, inflammation of the throat, and flu-like symptoms. The risk of harmful side effects is low, but the temporary effect of Botox means you’ll risk side effects from Botox injections at least twice a year.

Botox vs. MiraDry Results for Excessive Sweating

When comparing Botox to MiraDry based on the three criteria the majority of patients consider most important, MiraDry is the clear winner. MiraDry is cost-effective, permanent, extremely effective, and safer than Botox for treating excessive underarm sweat in Utah. If you agree that MiraDry wins the Botox vs. MiraDry battle on underarm sweat, contact Our doctors at Revivology today to learn how MiraDry can change your life for the better, the way it has for thousands of others just like you.