Summer Sweaters: Skin Science Breakthroughs Have Your Back Armpits



Major technological breakthroughs in skin science mean your days of sweating through your shirt (and antiperspirant) can be over.A new technology called miraDry safely eradicates underarm sweat glands in one treatment, eliminating sweating in that area forever.Imagine being able to wear whatever you want without fear of unpleasant body odor or embarrassing wet spots when you lift your arms.Imagine the lifespan of your wardrobe if you didn’t have to throw out clothes with ugly pit stains.

“I love to wear white, especially in the summer.  I tried underarm Botox injections, which was expensive and only lasted a few months. I love the results of miraDry. I love that my clothes don’t have yellow underarm stains anymore,” said Trish Thompson, Revivology Esthetician and miraDry patient.

Research shows most patients experience dramatic results.  Typical results bring more than an 80 percent reduction in underarm sweating. “It’s shocking to me that I don’t sweat anymore.  It’s the most amazing feeling not to worry about it,” Trish said.

Eliminating your body’s ability to cool itself through sweating sounds unhealthy. However, understanding your body’s anatomy is key when considering any health risks.

The body contains more than 4 million sweat glands. Only about 2 percent are located under the arms.  Experts say the other 98 percent can easily handle the body’s ability to keep cool.

The procedure is completely non-invasive and requires very little down time.  There are no cuts or incisions involved, instead a hand piece similar to one used in laser hair removal is applied to the underarm.

Vacuum suction from the hand piece pulls the skin close. Then, electromagnetic energy is delivered to the surface of the underarm heating and killing the sweat gland.

The skin (which has previously been numbed with a local anesthetic) is then immediately cooled and the procedure is repeated until the entire underarm surface has been treated.

“The procedure itself was painless for me.  I was a little sore afterward, but I went right back to work,” Trish said.  “I was pretty tender the next day, but nothing some ibuprofen and icepacks couldn’t control. I’d recommend taking the next day off if you can. Just take it easy.”

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